• Image of Antique Capercaillie Taxidermy

Absolutely stunning and massive capercaillie mounted in the tail down walking position. I have placed him next to my magpie (which is a large bird itself) so you can see just how large he really is. It's approx 36" long x 20" tall.

The capercaillie, also known as the wood grouse, or heather cock, is a very large bird native to various parts of Europe.

This is a male, or cock, meaning he is not only very large, but has some stunning colourations, from his chocolatey brown upper wings, with their white stripes, his black body feathers, the iridescent chest feathers that shimmer different greens, to the bright red highlights above his eyes and his huge magnificent beak, he's truly a sight to behold!

he is mounted on a good quality wooden stand, and is a high quality piece of antique taxidermy. He has recently had his feather professionally cleaned so he will be looking his absolute best when he arrives!

Available to view and collect from our Edinburgh studio.

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