• Image of Butterfly and Moth Pinning Kit
  • Image of Butterfly and Moth Pinning Kit

A comprehensive kit with everything you need (just add water!) to get started with pinning and mounting your own insect specimens.
Suitable for total beginners with no experience our kit comes with a full set of illustrated instructions and contact info so you can ask us for any advice or help you might need.

Your kit will come with two random butterflies but we have a wide range of butterflies, moths and other insects that can be used with your kit, these can be found in our supplies section.
You can also purchase an empty box frame if you choose to mount your finished specimen. You can find the frames here - http://deadprettytaxidermy.bigcartel.com/product/box-frames-for-specimen-mounting

Your kit will include:

One pinning board with three trenches of various sizes to suit different insects
Various sized strips of pinning paper to hold wings in place
A bag of pins
A rehydrations container
Rehydration fluid
Two butterfly specimens
A full set of instructions

As we are a green business and try to have as little environmental impact as possible we send instruction via email!